Office Partitioning

in Crawley, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and the South East

Office partitioning allows companies to divide their workspaces into smaller environments, enhance productivity and create a more flexible approach. At Southern Interior Solutions Ltd, we cater to any design requirements, ensuring all partitions achieve your vision. Our team works to modernise spaces from Crawley to Haywards Heath and beyond – enabling firms to adapt without the limitations that come from a solid wall.

Partitions give you the means to create meeting rooms, IT spaces, breakout areas, corridors and storage units at short notice. We install metal stud partitions quickly and efficiently, inserting panels with little mess and even less disruption. Office partitioning is also relatively easy to change at a later date.

Our product range includes acoustic partitioning, fire-rated and glazed partitions, among others. Please call us to outline your expectations in Crawley, Haywards Heath or the surrounding regions.

Office Partitioning | Creating the Spaces You Need

It’s vital that your company can adapt to suit the times. What was once a fully open-plan environment may need to enclose, especially as positions and creative teams change. Office partitioning needs no bricks or mortar, can help reduce noise pollution and give focused employees the privacy they deserve.

Unlike concrete walls, partitions can be moved according to your business goals. They offer various heights and transparency options, enabling a great deal of scope for your office in Crawley, Haywards Heath or the surrounding areas. 

Office Partitioning – We regularly work with companies that need a new corridor, meeting room, or increased privacy. Our team appreciates you may wish to blend the visibility of an open-plan office with the benefits of separate areas and will keep to the agreed timeframe so your staff can continue to operate. We also perform commercial dry lining and fit out services.

Glazed Partitions – Let light into your enclosed space with framed glass office partitioning. Enjoy single or double-glazed solutions, with full-height installations for a sleek and minimalist appearance. These can also include window manifestations or integral blinds for those with privacy concerns.

Fire-Rated Partitions – Built to comply with UK standards, fire-rated office partitioning helps slow the spread of flames, giving your staff the time to exit safely. The materials remain solid for longer without collapsing, holding their integrity for a minimum of 30 minutes. Our team considers fire safety a paramount concern and will provide the ideal fireproof solution for your protection.

Demountable Partitions – Clients in Crawley, Haywards Heath and the nearby areas frequently ask for the most versatile office partitioning around. In addition, your landlord may demand that any partitions are demountable. Easier to take down than timber stud partitions, demountable products can feature either glass or solid panels. You can even take these partitions with you when moving premises.

Industrial Partitions – Do you need cost-effective partitions for a factory, warehouse or other industrial site? If so, Southern Interior Solutions Ltd can fit prefabricated panels to separate parts of your premises. In turn, you can develop enclosures for your equipment and help to reduce the spread of mess. You could also use partitions to keep staff out of a specific area or create a warehouse office that protects during a fire.

Please get in touch on 07973 626346 or 07970 290831 to improve your premises in Crawley, Haywards Heath or the nearby areas with office partitioning.